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The Passengers You Cannot See by The Behrg
Happiness is a Commodity by The Behrg
The Creation Series
Housebroken by The Behrg
The Lines - by TheBehrg

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So who (or what) exactly is "The Behrg?"

While "Behrg" is a childhood nickname and the name by which my parents, siblings, and closest friends call me, it's also my creative identity and the moniker through which my written works can be found. It's a way for me to share an intimate part of who I am rather than just hiding behind a pen name. 

So embrace the parts of you that are different and unique, that no one else can replicate, and share them with the world. Even if it means your first name becomes "The." 


Stay weird. Embrace the strange. And remember you can only find the light after wading through the dark.


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