The Passenges You Cannot See


Every story has its beginning and end. But some stories won’t let go. Some stories dig their claws into you. They infect your dreams. They carve out a residence in your mind. They become passengers . . .


Ones that never leave.


Within this collection of short stories by esteemed horror author The Behrg you will discover a haunted house that is not quite what it seems. A trophy collector who prefers living statues to cold ones. A truck driver who, with one good deed, finds more than he bargained for. And a world where happiness can no longer be felt.


Light and darkness. Hope and despair. Depravities and humanity. These passengers and more await. And they’ve been sharpening their claws to greet you.

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Every action has a consequence. But when Li posts a one-star review of a novel on her book blog, the results are far more frightening than she could ever have imagined.


Not every story was meant to have a happy ending.

ONE STAR is a previously unpublished horror short story, being released in The Behrg's upcoming short story collection --"The Passengers You Cannot See." It is the author's love letter to book bloggers and reviewers, and thus is being offered as a free download to any book reviewer, in part to thank all those who have been a part of the author's journey. And if you haven't yet been a part, there's no better time than now to jump in that car and ride along. Oh, the vistas you will see.


In the future, Happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means, but must be purchased from the government for brief 20-minute increments.

And the price is going up.

One man documents his experience as he uncovers a conspiracy by the governing elite. Those who are ALWAYS happy. But he will soon discover that the cost of real Happiness may be far worse than living perpetually in the dark.

Told through blog-post entries, this non-traditional novella explores a world where darkness and misery are the norm. An allegory for living with depression, this story will open your eyes to the millions lost in darkness around you, and may prepare you for a future that is all too likely to come.

THE LINES (The Girl Who Couldn't Come Up With an Original Title)

Girl on the Train, Girl on Fire, Girl in the Ice … 

Having the word “Girl” in a title almost guarantees a bestseller these days. But for this Girl, finding a title to her story will force her to go between the Lines, into a realm of unimaginable possibility.

The only real question is, will she make it back out alive?

A dark literary short story about death and life and the short distance between. This edition also includes the bonus short story "Reluctance."


A grieving couple coping with the unimaginable loss of their child being stillborn discover a disturbing anomaly. They can hear their deceased daughter through a baby monitor. 

But is it really their daughter they are listening to? 
And if so, who are the other voices coming through on the monitor? 

As this couple is about to discover, not all second chances are meant to be taken. 


Featured Story: REBORN

** This story will also be featured in the upcoming Best of 2015 Hardcore Horror Anthology


There's a reason Catholic parishes are no longer able to accept babies dropped at their doors. Sure, the Church sites legalities and other formal predications, but the real reason is revealed by a single voice.


A priest, who witnessed the unimaginable.


And the baby, that started it all.


This anthology includes 22 deviously creative monster tales, edited by the fabulous Pete Kahle.


Featured Story: 



You thought being resurrected would be glorious. Masterful. Trumpets sounding upon your return.


But that's because you didn't know what you were being resurrected for ...


A modern twist on a classic Christmas Carol, told from a completely differen perspective, An Ugly Resurrection may have you rethinking your hopes of an afterlife.


All proceeds from this anthology go towards the HWA hardship benefit program.

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