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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf, or, for that Matter, Virginia Woolf?

Big thanks to Monte Dutton for featuring and reviewing my short story, “The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title,” today on his blog!! Monte’s a fantastic author himself and two-time Kindle Scout winner. Definitely check out his work, it rings with an authenticity rarely found these days …

Well, pilgrim ...


The Behrg. He’s too dark for me. I admire him, though. He is what I’m not, but I revel in his skill.

It’s a pen name. A nom de plume. He writes horror. I’m not fond of horror, but I’m fond of The Behrg’s style, not to mention his literary honesty and his dedication to the craft.

My novel, Crazy of Natural Causes, is not The Behrg’s preferred mode of reading, either, but he read it and wrote a review that I thought captured the essence of what I was trying to depict in the main character, Chance Benford, a man who loses almost everything and reinvents himself as only my invention could. His is a world of absurdity, and he learns to make his way through troubled waters that become troubled in a different way around every turn.

By Monte Dutton

I’m grateful for The Behrg’s honesty…

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