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The Numbers Behind Home Invasions

Seeing as my novel, Housebroken, is being featured as an Amazon Kindle Monthly Deal for October (Happy Halloween indeed!), I decided to pull some numbers and info on real home invasions.

The statistics are quite startling. 

Protection from Home Invasion

Most home invasions occur at night, the most common end result still being robbery. Only in the worst cases are intentions more severe, leading to torture, kidnapping, rape, or terrorism.

“Most invasions take place simply because the intruder knocked or rang the bell and the homeowner opened the door.“

Invaders often impersonate a repairman, deliveryman, salesman, policeman, or someone in need of help. Once they have entrance to your home, they often reveal weapons (guns) and forcefully work toward their agendas.

If these statistics don’t scare you then you must be living in a millennial community. Oh, and I’m selling home security systems on the side … (kidding). It is interesting, however, with all the rage and debates about gun control going on at the moment here in the U.S., to consider at least some of the reasons people might feel they need to be armed. I don’t fall one way or the other in my views, and can see the arguments of both sides. The tragedies with these school shootings however has to come to an end.

So, on that uplifting note…


If you haven’t yet checked out Housebroken, you can purchase it today for 50% off the normal price. I guarantee it’s a home invasion story unlike any you’ve heard of or read before. You’ll find some surprising parallels to some of the statistics presented here, as well as some that deviate quite dramatically from the typical mold.

I’ll leave you with these words, from a recent review of Housebroken by Melanie over at Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews:

This is a true horror book if there ever was one. I believe there are different types of horror. There are make believe (we hope) monsters and there are people monsters. Housebroken is about people monsters.


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