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The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title

I’m pleased to share that my short story, “The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title,” is free today through Tuesday on Amazon.

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I would categorize it under Dark Literary Fiction, but as a warning there is some explicit content and it’s theme and content can be a little disturbing. But so are the topics upon which it touches: Depression and Suicide.

That being said, this is a story I wholeheartedly believe in, one I feel can help many who struggle with mental illness, or at least help them to know they’re not alone. Pick it up at no cost and if it resonates with you, please take a moment to leave a review.

On a side-note, the story is being featured today on the blog: Horror After Dark. Huge thanks to Kim for her kind review. It’s reviewers like her that make this all worthwhile.

Here’s a sample of what she had to say:

This is a highly emotional tale, disguised by simple comments and an almost deceptively, leisurely pacing. It is one that I see myself re-reading many times in the future. Highly recommended!

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