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The Creation Part II

A few of you may have noticed that The Creation Series has gone through a bit of a rebrand. Slight cover changes to both “In The Beginning” and “The Creation Part I” have been applied, in order to better establish the brand with the next novel coming out.

The Creation - Let There Be Death.jpg

“The Creation Part Two: Let There Be Death” continues the events unfolding in the Amazon Rainforest, where the world continues to be transformed a day at a time. In this book Day has arrived, but it is no ordinary light. And it is but the precursor for something far more terrifying.

In addition to the cover reveal, I’m pleased to share that the book is up for nomination on Kindle Scout. You can read an excerpt there and nominate it for a chance at a publishing contract with Kindle Press. This is a way for me to widen the scope of those who come in contact with this series. The first novel, while available on Amazon, I am offering as a FREE giveaway for signing up for my newsletter as well. It’s the perfect way to check out the series, potentially picking up book two for free as well, should it be selected.

Kindle Scout has been an amazing program for me in kickstarting my career as an author. My debut novel, Housebroken, was one of the first books selected through the program, and I’m proud to be a part of the amazing array of authors who have since joined. Regardless of whether this new novel is selected, I’m thrilled by the opportunity to share my work with those who have yet to come in contact with it.

So please take a moment to check out the new novel. With your nomination you receive a free copy of the book if it’s selected. And thanks for being a part of this journey with me.

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