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The Creation Featured: Enter to Win!

The Creation - Let There Be Death

The Creation: Let There Be Death is being featured on for the month of August!

As part of the promo, you have a chance to win a print copy of the book, along with a few other give-aways from other authors.

If you’re new to the series, the first novella-length chapter is free on Amazon, or you can pick up book one – The Creation: Axis Mundi – for less than a cup of joe.

About the end of the world and the start of a new one, The Creation chronicles the radical transformation of our world by a ‘god-like’ being as he follows the seven day process of the Creation as found in the Bible. Set in the Amazon Rainforest, it follows two groups who are caught in the midst of these transformations, both who are forced to sacrifice more than they would ever have thought possible in order to survive.

Hop on over to the site and enter to win through the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the page. And share the great news with your friends!

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