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STILL BORN – Free This Weekend

Happy to announce my short horror story, Still Born, is free this weekend on Amazon! 


About a grieving couple coping with the loss of their daughter, this story explores the darker side of reality as the couple begins to hear their daughter through an anonymous gift they received at a baby shower.

But who are the other voices they hear through the baby monitor?

This was my first published story, chosen in an online magazine called eFiction. The cover was created by none other than the blind kid from Dumb & Dumber, Billy in 4C, who has an independent movie he produced coming out in the next week. Check out the trailer for his zombie comedy, Last Man(s) on Earth.

Lots to share, watch, read, and enjoy! Once you read Still Born, take a minute to drop me a line and let me know what you thought or leave a review on good ol’ Amazon!

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