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Retrospect of an Author | The Creation on Sale

Pleased to share that the first novel in my series, THE CREATION, is on sale for just $0.99 today through Wednesday!

The Creation - Digital

“But in order to Create, one must first Destroy …”

The second novel in the series has been completed and is being sent out to beta-readers as we speak. This is a series I’m extremely proud of, set in my beloved Venezuela, it’s a very character-driven novel despite the high concept.

One year ago, almost to the day, I received notice that my novel Housebroken had been accepted through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. While I still consider myself young in my career as an author, it’s amazing to see all that has transpired within a year. As I reflect on all that has occurred, I find that my greatest achievements, or at least those I hold closest to my heart, aren’t the sales or praise or publication acceptances of short stories, etc. Rather it’s the relationships I’ve gained along this journey for which I’m most grateful.

  1. Readers who have enjoyed my work and reached out with kind words and encouragement.

  2. Reviewers who have championed my work, spreading the word better than I ever could have on my own.

  3. Authors who I have been able to collaborate with and learn from, many of whom I feel privileged just to know.

  4. Amazon’s Kindle Press team who gave an unknown author a chance, and for creating a program where unheard voices can sing out.

To each of you I give a profound Thank You. I wouldn’t be where I am without your constant encouragement and support.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m especially grateful for the chance I have to share my strange vision and creative outlook. Writing is a solstice and a marvel, a love-hate relationship that changes who you are as a person. And I know I’m better for it.

In looking back, I’m also forced to look forward at what the new year has in store and I have to say I’m excited. Not only for the opportunities that abound for writers these days but also for the projects I’m working on and where they might lead out in this crazy world.

I’ll end this post with a quote I love that sums up my thoughts on the journey of an author.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” — Epicurus

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