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ON SALE – Book One in The Creation Series just $0.99

For all you dark souls looking for something a little less red and smelling of roses today, Book One in THE CREATION SERIES is discounted to just $0.99 today through Thursday.

The Creation - Digital

A science-fiction apocalyptic thriller, this novel takes place in the Amazon Rainforest, where a frightening power stirs, an event beginning that’s occurred only once on our little planet — during its process of Creation.

In seven days God created the world. This God will destroy it in less.

See what’s being said about The Creation Series:

“A story that  captured my complete, undivided attention … the emotions felt as if they were ‘bleeding’ off the page. Highly recommended!”  — Horror After Dark

“A thriller of the highest order … Will have you begging for more.”  — Confessions of a Reviewer

“From the boardrooms of  corporate  America to the jungles of Amazon, this novel   completely captivated me … If you life horror and science-fi, then there are elements in this work that will appeal to you. Great start!”  — Joseph Souza, best-selling author of Unpaved Surfaces

“This book will have you laughing, crying and cringing with the characters. The Behrg is an amazing author and continually surprises me with such well written stories. This book is a MUST READ.” — Amazon Top Reviewer

Grab your copy for less than a buck today!

Amazon – US

Amazon – UK

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