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New Release! #Passengers

It's time to release some darkness into the world! Or at least an invitation to accompany me through the darkness to find the light.

My latest release, The Passengers You Cannot See, will be released this Friday the 13th!

(Fitting, I know).

But as a special thank you to those of you who follow me here, you can pick up your copy for just $0.99 during the 2 day pre-release period. So what are you waiting for?!?

Oh, right, some feedback and reviews! Here's some of the early praise Passengers is receiving: "Emotional, powerful and terrifying stories. I had nightmares for two nights . . . Excellent writing." -- Stella, Book Club President "An outstanding collection . . . (The Behrg) creates harrowing characters and the atmosphere in these stories are individually electric." -- Kendall Reviews / Steve Stred, author of Ritual "One of the best single-author collections I've read in years . . . you never know what the author is going to throw at you next." -- Duncan Ralson, author of Ghostland

"Thought provoking and chilling all at the same time . . . I will definitely be on the look out for more from The Behrg." -- TyReadBooks Newsletter subscribers will pick up some additional goodies, so if you haven't yet joined the cool kid's club on the little yellow bus, feel free to hop in. It's never too late for a wild ride. Thanks for being a part of this journey and I hope you enjoy The Passengers You Cannot See!


Every story has its beginning and end. But some stories won’t let go. Some stories dig their claws into you. They infect your dreams. They carve out a residence in your mind. They become passengers—ones that never leave. Within this collection of short stories by esteemed horror author The Behrg you will discover a haunted house that is not quite what it seems. A trophy collector who prefers living statues to cold ones. A truck driver who, with one good deed, finds more than he bargained for. And a world where happiness can no longer be felt. Light and darkness. Hope and despair. Depravities and humanity. These passengers and more await. And they’ve been sharpening their claws to greet you.

Purchase Passengers Now

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