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NEW RELEASE - #Passengers

I've been working towards a few releases this year, and am excited to finally share the first with you!

A collection of dark literary stories, THE PASSENGERS YOU CANNOT SEE, will be released March 10th on Amazon. The cover reveal was graciously hosted by Kendall Reviews yesterday, and it's worth checking out that article as I share more insight into this collection than you'll find here.

This collection has been the culmination of my writing journey over the past 5 years, and I'm immensely proud of the final product. Karl Drinkwater--an amazing author himself--was my editor for this project and challenged me to take what I had and elevate it to a level I wasn't sure I could reach. It was awesome working with him and his efforts resulted in a much stronger collection than this would have been otherwise.

So check out the cover and synopsis below and prepare yourself to become a passenger in these stories. Hopefully you'll make it through them alive.


Every story has its beginning and end. But some stories won’t let go. Some stories dig their claws into you. They infect your dreams. They carve out a residence in your mind. They become passengers . . .

Ones that never leave.

Within this collection of short stories by esteemed horror author The Behrg you will discover a haunted house that is not quite what it seems. A trophy collector who prefers living statues to cold ones. A truck driver who, with one good deed, finds more than he bargained for. And a world where happiness can no longer be felt.

Light and darkness. Hope and despair. Depravities and humanity. These passengers and more await. And they’ve been sharpening their claws to greet you.

** Available Now on NetGalley **

** Available Now in Print **

** Ebook Release Mar 10th **

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