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Mysteries of the Amazon

I’ve always been fascinated with the mysteries of our world and the idea that we have yet to discover everything our planet has to offer (or hide). From our vast and still not yet fully explored oceans to the deserts and what’s buried beneath to our jungles and forests, of which we still know so little.

A new article recently hit about the discovery of an animal in the Amazon rain forest previously thought to be extinct. The Vanzolini saki monkey hasn’t been seen in over 8o years, but once again nature proves we are but spectators to something far greater than ourselves. You can checkout the full article here but definitely catch the video below.

Currently I’m finalizing the final book in The Creation Series, which takes place in the Amazon rain forest. Having visited the area myself, it’s amazing to be able to return there, although through the pages of my books. Within the next month I’ll be announcing a release date, planning a cover reveal, and getting ready to unleash this final installment into the world.

Both book one and two are currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and available for free through that service. And when the new book launches, expect some promotions on the first in the series as well.

I’ll be sharing more about the final book soon, but for now remember that everything we think we know about our world is but a fraction of what’s really out there.

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