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Last Day to Save a Few Pennies

Today’s the last day to pick up the new release, The Creation: Let There Be Death for just $0.99.

The Creation - Let There Be Death

The characters that inhabit this world have taken on such a life of their own that I literally just open the word processor and let them make their own decisions. They never stop surprising me.

The conclusion to the series, Part 3, is being worked on as we speak and I hope to be able to deliver it this year. Keep those twisted fingers crossed. I also have another stand-alone novel that should be completed in the next month, though I’m unsure just as of yet how I want to release this one. To borrow the words of Ned Ryerson, “it’s a doozy.”

So continue to stay tuned and get those reviews in for this latest addition to The Creation Series — it makes such a difference in a book’s discoverability.

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