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Last Book Review of the Year: “Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Brian Keene

Brian Keene is one of those authors who has found his “voice” as a writer. While the premise with Darkness is very Stephen King-esque — a town waking up to a cloud of darkness around its entire borders — Keene’s approach to the subject is uniquely his own.


As the darkness taunts and “infects” those residents still living, we see the tragic side of humanity as — much like real life — even our heroes are found to be flawed and highly conflicted. Once again, this is another novel with some subtle tie-ins to Lovecraftian fiction, and there was just enough shown to entice rather than drown you in lore.

A stellar novel that’s as much social commentary as it is entertaining, as really aren’t we all trying to keep the darkness out from the edges of our lives? A definite recommend.

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