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Kindle Scout Interview

I did a recent guest interview with Bufo Calvin on the blog I Love My Kindle about my experience with Kindle Scout.  Bufo has an impressive blog with more content than most encyclopedias and has also published several books teaching people how to get the most out of their Kindle experience. (Bufo’s author page)  I saw that she had posted about the first winners with Kindle Scout and commented on her blog, she was nice enough to follow up and ask for an interview.

[Click this following link to read about My Experience with Kindle Scout]

While Bono might insist that nothing changes on New Year’s Day, I believe we can bring about change if it’s what we really desire.  I’m looking forward to an amazing 2015 and hope you’ve been inspired to make those changes that will enable you to reach for you dreams.  No matter how far away they might appear, let’s keep reaching.

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