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Kindle Scout Expands Internationally

As a Kindle Scout published author, I tend to follow a lot of the updates and news that take place with Amazon’s fairly new crowd-sourced publishing platform. Today the Kindle Scout team announced that they are opening the doors for submissions outside of the United States, accepting submissions now from the following countries:

  1. Europe

book tunnel in Prague library -- mirrors are used to create this effect

Yes, this is a real tunnel of books … 

  1. Canada

  2. Australia

  3. New Zealand

  4. South Africa

  5. Mexico

  6. Brazil

  7. Japan

  8. and India

For those unfamiliar with the program, an author can submit an unpublished novel-length work for submission through KindleScout. If accepted, there is a 30-day campaign in which readers can vote for an author’s book. The KS team determines winners based on a combination of things from quality of novel, marketing appeal, # of votes and whether there was general interest in the book, etc. For more info, visit the Kindle Scout website.

I may be biased, but I’m a huge fan of this program. In the self-publishing world, there is a deluge of novels, and it can be difficult for an author to see his voice heard. Kindle Scout, and other programs like it, can become a sifting ground to help good works become discovered that might otherwise have been lost in all the noise out there. In my opinion, we need more publishers thinking outside of the box like Amazon, testing new ideas and breaking new ground.


So enough of my infomercial for Kindle Scout. If any authors out there are curious or have questions about the program, feel free to ask me through email or jump on in to our Facebook group for Kindle Press Authors, where you can get real answers from those of us who have gone through the ropes, so to speak. And collectively, as a group, let’s keep innovating. I believe we’ve barely scratched the surface of what is to come.

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