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It’s Release Day!!!

The second book in The Creation Series is being released today on Amazon.

To thank all those who supported my Kindle Scout campaign, I’m discounting the book to just $.99 for one week only, after which it will return to its normal price of $3.49.

Pick up your copy today!!


The Creation - Let There Be Death

And God said, ‘Let There Be Death.’ And He saw that it was Good.

As the second day in The Creation begins, the world continues to be transformed. Day has arrived, but this is no ordinary light. And it is but the precursor for something far more terrifying.

With the dawn, Faye Moanna finds herself a prisoner in one of the darkest dungeons created for man. To escape with her life, she may have to sacrifice a part of herself that can never be reclaimed: Her soul.

Meanwhile, new allegiances are formed between Dugan’s band of mercenaries, but betrayal lurks at every corner. And the power they seek, in the form of the Shaman, may prove not to save the world, but destroy it.

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