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It's Alive!!!

A big thank you to all you beautiful readers out there who pre-ordered PASSENGERS over the past 2 days! My collection is now officially available on Amazon, and it's hard not to feel like Dr. Frankenstein watching his creation come to life for the first time.

If you haven't had a chance to pick up your copy yet, today's the last day of the pre-sale pricing at $0.99 so grab it while the grabbin's good! Early reviews have been very kind, and I'm appreciative of every one of them.

The Passengers You Cannot See is a collection that dives much deeper than just the surface of telling a good story. Through these tales I've explored the boundaries of depression and mental illness in ways I couldn't in the real world. It's really my thesis on living with depression, and through writing these stories I was able to find my way through that labyrinth and out the other side.

Hope you enjoy these dark tales and that they live with you as they have with me!

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