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Introducing "Page Turners" - an Interview Series with Book Reviewers

Today I'm excited to share we're launching a new series of interviews with Book Reviewers called "Page Turners." This is being held and hosted on Kendall Reviews site, a platform that has been selflessly promoting the horror genre for quite some time, and will be a weekly ongoing series.

To learn more about why we're doing this, you can read my guest article on the KR site here. But if you want the Reader's Digest version, each week we'll be interviewing a different book reviewer about their process and how they've built their platform, with advice for authors, reviewers, or casual readers alike. Why? Because book reviewers are amazing people and THEIR stories deserve to be told!

It's been awesome seeing all the different approaches and great advice as well as learning more about those that tend to stay out of the limelight while promoting others. The first interview is live now, and you can check back on the Kendall Reviews site each Thursday for a new interview.

Hope you join the fun, and for any book reviewers that would like to participate, feel free to reach out!


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