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Interview – Confessions of a Reviewer

If you haven’t heard, I’ve got a 2-part interview series that Nev Murray put together over on his fantastic site, Confessions of a Reviewer. Much more than your run-of-the-mill interview, Nev dug deep, and I have to say he came up with some of my favorite (and most revealing) questions I’ve been asked as an author.

Today he also posted a review for Book 2 in The Creation Series and had some great things to say about both the book and series in general. Authors like me are indebted to people like Nev who not only enjoy reading but take the time to share their thoughts and help others discover great books and new authors to check out.

So head on over to his site to show him a little love for all he does as a book enthusiast, and if you learn more about me than you wanted to know, remember it was a Confession …


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