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Inspire Someone Today

This weekend I took my kids to see Music Man at our local community theater. They’ve been on a musical kick since my wife and I showed them Phantom of the Opera, followed by Les Mis.

(And by kick, I mean, we have to play the music from one of those plays EVERY time we’re in the car … which is why I’m considering giving up driving).

IMG_1129 (2)

read here).

It was such a pleasure seeing her and catching up, and it was wonderful to be able to thank her for her service as a teacher, for inspiring minds and lifting others.

Even if she inspired a slightly demented one.

But that’s the beauty of teaching, or just serving others in general. You never know what someone will become; whose path you will influence, what spark you might inspire. My path to authorship didn’t happen overnight, and there are thousands of little seeds that have helped create the orchard that is my mind.

So it is with everyone we encounter.

So sow good seeds. Lift others and help them believe in themselves. Believe that they can accomplish great things. Perhaps you’ll be the spark they need to ignite a passion that might otherwise have lain dormant.

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