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Great review of Housebroken by Tricia over at Thanks Tricia!


Housebroken is a straight up thriller / horror novel. This is the kind of horror that scares me. The writing is so well done; the dialogue, characters,settings are all credible and is what makes this book a satisfying thriller. Needless to say I loved this read and its exactly what I’ve been looking for in the horror genre. The antagonist, Joje​ is simply a character to hate. He has no sense of remorse at all- a really nasty person you’d never want to run into.

The characters in the Crochet family are well thought out. Jenna,my favorite is strong,resilient and believable. Blake was certainly determined and was really brought to life when finally realizing how much his family meant to him. Adam, I had a hard time with and I really never li​k​ed or more importantly, trusted.

The storyline here moves at a fast clip and provides some twists you will never see…

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