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Housebroken on Sale

The Crotchets seem like the perfect family. But two unstable kidnappers will do anything to learn their darkest secrets… A chilling read!

My debut novel, Housebroken, is part of a BookBub promotion today in the U.S. and is available for a significant discount! A First-Round Kindle Scout Winner and semi-finalist in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards for Horror, Housebroken has been described as a “must-read horror novel,” and “a read not to miss.”

Thrilled to see that it’s broken the top 1000 books on Amazon’s ranking, and quite humbled to be sandwiched between Stephen King on the Best Sellers List for Horror-Suspense. I’m extremely grateful to my publisher, and the fine folks at Kindle Press, who continues to believe in and support my work.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to tackle this novel, grab it now while it’s part of this promotion, and prepare for “an experience that will affect [you] mentally and physically!”

Housebroken - Banner

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