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Excited to share that a short story of mine is featured in a new anthology which has just come out. The brain child of fellow author Pete Kahle, Not Your Average Monster is a compendium of horror stories about creatures other than your typical vampire, zombie, or werewolf. This anthology is filled with beasties you’ve never heard of.

Or ones you’ll wish you hadn’t.

not your average monster

I’ll leave it at that.

So far the other stories I’ve been able to read have been fantastic and I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great group of authors. It’s fun seeing an author think outside the box and move into the publishing side of this beast rather than just the writing side as well. (And if you haven’t checked out Pete’s novel The Specimen, it’s a fantastic exercise in horror. A real gem).

So check out the book and let me know what you think. And stay safe out there tonight with all of the monsters roaming your neighborhoods you might not yet have heard of. Because believe it or not, they’re out there.

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