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Free Horror Novels

After yesterday’s more serious posting, I wanted to share something a little lighter today.

Horror Promo.jpg

Author Corey Popp has put together a hefty promotion, drawing 25 Horror Authors into one giant give-away blitz. Slated for today and tomorrow, you can pick up some fantastic novels, novellas, and short stories all at ZERO cost to yourself. (Unless you consider clicking on something a cost).

I’m happy to share that book one in my Creation Series, The Creation: Axis Mundi, is a part of the promotion, and is currently ranked in the TOP 100 Free Books on all of Amazon. If you haven’t had a chance yet to start that series, now’s the perfect time.

So check out the promo, stock up you digital shelves full of great books, share the promotion with friends and horror advocates, and don’t forget to review those books you read and enjoy. Have a horrifyingly great weekend.

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