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Free for the Weekend!

Happy to announce that my short psychological horror story Still Born is FREE this weekend!

This was my first paid publication and a huge stepping stone on my journey as an author.


Screenwriting is a tough taskmaster. You have to learn how to plot, how to develop unique characters, and how to place obstacles in their path that help them to grow or change. Then you have to make sure you’re entertaining, driving the plot forward, and revealing character all within each scene.

I love screenwriting as an art form and to this day will find and read screenplays prior to seeing the movie. That being said, my writing career had yet to really take off (though I did have quite a few spectacularly disappointing screenplays saved on my hard drive!). I enrolled in a Gotham Writer’s Workshop as it had been years since I had really written short stories or fiction.

What surprised me the most was that the rules weren’t any different!

Whether you’re writing a script, a short story, or a novel, you have to do the same things – make us care! About the story, the characters, the plot, the subplots. If the audience or reader isn’t invested in what you have to offer, you’ll never keep their attention.

Still Born was the first short story I submitted in my short story writing class. Later I submitted it to eFiction magazine, where it was accepted and published in the “Under the Bed” Anthology. Though it was my first paying publication, the real prize was in the validation it gave me at that tenuous time in my writing career. It gave me the hope that maybe I could do this and that maybe those crazy germinating seeds of stories floating around in my head were worth sharing.

So now I’m sharing it with you.

Check it out at no cost and if you like it feel free to share or leave a review. Or drop me a line here on the blog – I’d love to hear your feedback. And if you’re into those stories that really keep you up at night, and haven’t done so yet, check out my novel Housebroken. Have a great and thrilling weekend-

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