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Country in Crisis – the Economic State of Venezuela

As some of you may know, I spent several years living in the beautiful country of Venezuela where my series, The Creation, takes place.

I was there during the mud slides in Caracas when entire cities were buried, and spent weeks helping refugees and families reestablish themselves, providing goods and temporary domiciles.

I saw firsthand the corruption taking place within the country’s political atmosphere, a country where there is no middle class, only poor and the 1% elite.

I also came to know hundreds of amazing families; some of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met, living in conditions that we here in the U.S. would think unfathomable.

I’ve been following much of the news taking place within the country now, and yesterday had the opportunity to speak with a dear friend who still resides in Venezuela, in a small fishing town. When asked about the general conditions of the country, these were her words (translated into English):

Venezuela is in crisis. Brother, here there is no food, there is no medicine, there is nothing.

The Global Post recently stated that Venezuela’s economic situation is now “worse than 1960’s Cuba.” Not only are there shortages of food, medicine, and basic supplies and human needs, but there are documented chronic shortages of power and water as well.

Now I’m not one to typically get political in blogposts with my own viewpoints, but speaking with this dear sister who is struggling to feed her children, and keep what little possessions she has from being robbed by the vast crime this economic situation is encouraging, was one of the most difficult things to hear. I wanted to reach out and help her, to take her away from this situation and bring her into a more peaceful land with better opportunities.

While she asked for my prayers, I feel there is more that needs to be done than wishful thinking. I’m opening this up to you readers to help come up with something we can do, some small way in which we can alleviate the suffering. I don’t pretend to think that what I can impact will make a difference within the country, but if there’s something I can do to help one person or one family or three families or five; well, I want to do it.

So help me. Let’s look at this together. Are there non-profit organizations that are actually doing more than collecting money and actually helping in the country? Let’s support them. Are there places we can donate time, food, supplies, that can be sent down to some of these areas in need? Let’s support them!

We who live in such ignorant bliss, with the newest iPhones and eGadgets and more food than we could ever eat … Don’t get me wrong, I know life isn’t easy and we all deal with difficulties in one form or another, but in comparison we have it pretty well. Take a moment today and really reflect on all that we do have and take for granted. The list, I promise, is longer than you’d think.

While I promise not to use my writing platform as a means to express political viewpoints, this isn’t a topic I’m planning on posting about once and then forgetting. Truthfully I think it’s criminal that there is so LITTLE coverage of what’s taking place in Venezuela right now. Most people aren’t even aware of it. I’ll be doing some research into ways I think we can help and ask that you do the same. Hopefully together we can come up with something that will make a difference to someone. And maybe that’s the best we can hope for.


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