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Book Review: The Troop by Nick Cutter

Ah, the joys of being in the BoyScouts … belonging to a group but never quite fitting in; living off the land; eating what you catch; catching — WHAT?!? — a potentially fatal superbug from some supercharged intruder you run into?

This is the BoyScouts story you only hear about at 1 in the morning, surrounding the dying embers of a campfire.


What I loved about this novel is that Cutter (a pseudonym … seriously, who uses those these days?!? :)) wasn’t afraid to go all in. There are no pulled punches here, folks. You put your face to Cutter’s fist and you will walk away with a black eye.

Were there some scenes or characters that were taken too far over the edge? Perhaps. But there were also some great character moments and a scene involving a turtle I think I’ll remember till my dying day. Walking the line of sheer murderous madness and your normal-day reality has never been more entertaining.

I’d recommend joining this troop. At least for one adventure.

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