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Book Review: “The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells

There are books where the concept alone makes you sit up and pay attention, books that almost demand to be read. While invisibility in our day is not that exciting of a concept — thanks Marvel & DC for ruining EVERYTHING for us 🙂 — surely this had to be the case when this story was written.


Can you fault them? Probably not. But it’s like melting down your gold only to let it cool into ugly anonymous shapes. You really couldn’t have done more with it?

I would put “The Invisible Man” into this latter category. From the POV changes to the lack of a clear protagonist to the events unfolding through backstory dialogue, this bird just never took flight. Sure, you might not have been able to see it in the first place even had it flown, but it would’ve been nice to know that such a classic story at least got to exercise its wings to some extent.

Not terrible, but a far cry from where I would have liked this misadventure to have led me. 2.5 stars for Mr. Wells.

Please note this book is currently FREE on Amazon so you might as well pick it up. I’d love to hear where I went wrong.

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