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Book review: The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title – The Behrg

Much thanks to Adrian at “Beavis the Bookhead” for his thoughtful review of The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title. Loved his insights.

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This is only a short story by The Behrg but it packs quite a punch in dealing with some heavy themes that are close to my heart. It is a book that manages to balance the macabre with a sense of deep thought, handled deftly by a writer who has, by his own admission stared into the black abyss.

Depression is a very real issue, one that affects millions and millions of people and whilst people deal with it in different ways, The Behrg has chosen to write this short story about a girl who just can’t get a break and attempts to commit suicide. The suicide doesn’t quite come off and instead leaves her battered and broken. The girl seems to spiral into a sort of morbid purgatory which has The Behrg delivering some vivid and unsettling imagery.

It took a few pages to get into this when it…

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