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Book Review: The Gates by Iain Rob Wright

The Gates is a step away from Iain Rob Wright’s normal horror novels. Typically you’ll find he focuses on a small group of characters within a confined setting, tackling a terrifying situation. But with The Gates, Wright is no longer shooting for grounders and doubles, he’s winding up and going for the home-run.


The demons themselves are the only things I felt could have been improved on. They often fell into the “horde” category, merely being bodies for some of the heroes to sweep through and destroy, (& dying much easier than they had any right to). The ending promises a lot more that will be coming through these gates than just what we’ve seen in this book, and some of the twists and turns regarding the gates themselves were fascinating discoveries.

A novel I’m glad I dove into, and one that speaks to Wright’s talents as an author as his voice and style continue to mature. Worth checking out!

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