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Book Review: “The Family Man” by T.J. Lebbon

I wasn’t wild about the premise with this one but am becoming such a fan of Lebbon’s work I figured I’d give this a shot. Pleased to say what could have been a tragically ordinary thriller was elevated into something far greater.


Does it ever?!?

From this point on, you’re on a runaway freight train just trying to keep from being tossed from the tracks. Some fantastic character development, (personally I think Lebbon shines when dealing with the inner turmoils of a family trying to survive), beautifully constructed twists, and great settings. This pretty much has everything you’d want from a fast-paced thriller. Including some pretty nasty meanies.

Now I had no idea this was a sequel, of sorts, to a novel called The Hunt. While there are characters and references to their pasts, not once did I feel out of place by not having the previous knowledge of whatever came before. (I am, however, planning to pick up that first novel as well).

With a few moments that might have gone too far past the “just call the cops, already” realm of disbelief, this was overall a fantastic piece of work from an author who’s at the top of his game. Highly recommended.

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