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Book Review: The Deep

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” – Werner Herzog


“We know less about the ocean than we do about the moon.” — The Deep

I love that Collings has taken an oft overlooked trademark of Stephen King, in that he realizes he doesn’t have to provide all of the answers. Yes, there’s something down there. Yes, it’s evil and life-threatening. But no, you will not uncover exactly what or how or why. Sometimes the best baddies don’t need to have their “backstories” revealed. They simply are.

The characters in this novel are a treat, each with their own issues. I particularly enjoyed the character of Haeberle, who believed he was living a dream and that everything and everyone around him was there for him to manipulate as God of his dream. Talk about psychotic. My only real complaint would be the love interest which felt a little over the top (saying you Love someone you’ve just met that day and barely had any interactions with?)

Overall this was a surprisingly good read. Definite recommendation for fans of Sphere, The Abyss, or any other underwater thriller. And big congrats to Michaelbrent Collings as this novel is a current Bram Stoker Award Nominee.

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