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Book Review: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler, is what I would call a “classic” book. Timeless, still riveting after all these years, and an example of what great fiction writing is all about.


I’d love to see someone take the noir genre and mash it up in a fresh way with cyber P.I. work, or an artificial intelligence that’s a detective, for instance. Something that keeps the cynicism and feel of the pulp fiction novels of yesteryear but relays it with a new vision. All you authors out there, go to it.

(And for those familiar with Chandler’s novel, I highly suggest checking out Paul Tremblay’s noir knock-off, “The Little Sleep,” about a detective with narcolepsy. Quite entertaining. See my review of his novel here).

The Big Sleep is currently on sale on Amazon for just $3.00. Definitely worth the coin.

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