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Book Review: “Strangers” by Michaelbrent Collings

One of the most difficult things about writing in the horror genre is to simultaneously honor the books and stories and ideas that have come before, without ever retreading the same worn path. To at once utilize the tropes of the genre, without falling victim to them.


Collings knows what you’re expecting to happen, and plays against that expectation time and again. With an extremely inventive set-up — an almost reversal of your “traditional” home invasion tale — there are some deliciously shocking moments in this novel. While avoiding spoilers, you tie that into the overarching theme and title of the novel, and it’s quite a brilliant read.

It’s always fun to see an author unafraid to go where the story leads (or at least squelch that fear and keep writing through the dark places). And this is a dark place worth checking out. A solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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