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Book Review: Stay Close


And yet I enjoyed this darn thing way too much.

“Stay Close” is less of a crime thriller and more of a character study, where the past reaches its gnarly tentacles out, grappling to pull back the present. I was endeared by the difficulties shown of suburban life yet Coben proves that, despite the lack of glitz and glamor, it still remains the most desired endgame.

If you’re looking for a big twisty puzzle where plot reigns and you’re constantly guessing till the end, this might not be your next read. But for those interested in a slower paced yet gripping thriller, filled with ordinary men and women haunted by their pasts, check this one out. It might not have kept me guessing, but definitely kept me coming back for more.

(That being said, can we please get rid of the painfully generic book titles already Coben?!?)

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