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Book Review: Sleeping Giants


Unlike World War Z, where the entries got monotonous after awhile and all started sounding the same, there’s a through line running beneath the current in this book which keeps the narrative moving. The character I enjoyed the most, however, (and part of the reason this novel is so brilliantly inventive), is the interviewer.

We never know his name, but we uncover bits and pieces about him, his motives, philosophies, and moral compass, through the various interviews conducted. I found the mystery of piecing him together as intriguing, if not more so, than the content of the interviewees.

While there were some moments of sheer coincidence and a little too much exposition for my taste — especially when it came to the mysterious gentleman at the restaurant, sharing his stories about an ancient alien race — this was definitely an entertaining read and one I highly recommend for Sci-Fi fans. Will be interesting to see where Neuvel takes it from here and if she continues the journal / interview approach for future books.

** I listened to the Audible version of this book and highly recommend it — great cast of characters which really added to the complexity of the book**

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