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Book Review: "One of Us" by Craid DiLouie

I’ve got several reviews I need to catch up on, but for my first review of 2020 thought I’d pick a novel I thought was spectacularly unique.

"A single moment breaks the world."

The premise of One of Us promises a unique story. With Craig DiLouie's name attached, you can be certain it will deliver on that promise. One of Us takes the idea of super powers or mutations and cross-pollinates it into a Southern Gothic story wrapped in the (quite relevant) theme of prejudice.

What if children were born with mutations but their differences and abilities were seen as a plague rather than something to be lauded?

What if the government used these children and their abilities, almost in slave-like conditions?

And what would happen if these children "awoke," rising up against the tyranny of those who held them bound?

These are the questions explored in this novel, and one of the brilliant things DiLouie is able to accomplish is to allow the reader to empathize with both sides. There are no heroes in this story, and the only villains are you and me and the definition of humanity.

Having enjoyed DiLouie's Suffer the Children, I found this novel completely engaging. It's a slow-burn and much more a character study than an action-packed gore-fest, though by the time everything hits the fan it creates a spectacular mess. Definitely a recommend from this reader, especially for those who enjoy something a little different.

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