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Book Review: “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi


While I wouldn’t classify this novel as a “classic,” I would say that Scalzi manages to skate past most of the obstacles, bridging that gap and turning out a novel that both parties might enjoy. Scalzi has perfected the art of finding an interesting concept and then building a world around that idea to support it, and Old Man’s War definitely is concept-driven. It’s a unique take on what war means, and there are enough twists to keep things interesting. Some of the later battles and alien races did feel like they were just window dressing, and not really important to the overall story, but this was a novel I enjoyed listening to. Not running out to grab the sequel, but as long as this author continues to put out content with unique and fresh ideas, I’ll be willing to support them. A solid 3.5 stars out of 5.

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