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Book Review: “In Perpetuity” by Tim Lebbon

In Perpetuity is the latest Lebbon concoction I’ve imbibed, and this is one best served from a shot glass. Drink this down in a single sitting folks because it’s a mesmerizing tale.


The writing is what really makes this novella shine, however. It reminded me of a dark episode of The Twilight Zone or even the new UK show, Black Mirror, taking you a step beyond comfort, where anything can happen.

Often times with novellas, there’s either the feeling that the story should have been developed further or was padded to take a short story into a longer tale. Happy to say Lebbon chose the right format with this one. Not a single word is wasted, and the writing is both crisp and tight.

Definitely not your run-0f-the-mill story; for those who like their plots straight-forward, this may be a little too far out, but it’s a journey I recommend taking.

Grab it for just $0.99 on Amazon.

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