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Book Review: High Heat by Lee Child

I’ve only delved into a few of the Jack Reacher books and, while I find their plots a little ridiculous, they certainly are fun. High Heat is a novella that takes us back to “pre”-Reacher days, when Jack was still in his teens and visiting New York City. Unfortunately, what could have provided Child a great opportunity to showcase the difference between the seasoned Reacher and his younger self instead reads as more of the same.

Only even less believable.

high heat

With writing sprinkled with lazy metaphors and the amount of sheer coincidences populating the plot, this really felt more like somone’s bad version of fan-fiction than something a NYT best-selling author would release into the world. When a hero is so infallible that you can’t find awkwardness and mistakes even in his youth, it’s time to add a layer of believability to your characters before your audience just starts losing interest.

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