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Book Review: “GodBomb!” by Kit Power

I’m going to separate my high-level from my low-brow thoughts on this book with two sentences. First, the former: GodBomb packs one hell of a heavenly punch, delivering apocalyptic fun (without the apocalypse) in an intricately woven setting.

And now, the latter: Reading (or listening) to GodBomb is like getting emotionally punched in the gnads over and over, then nodding, smiling, and asking for more.

If you really need more than that, God help you.


Despite it’s seemingly action-packed premise, this is a character-driven story at its heart, and we dive-bomb into several different point-of-views of many of the characters inhabiting this church. I have to admit I often wondered if the proof our bomber was searching for wasn’t found in the omniscient point-of-view of the narrator, taking a “God-like” role in jumping into so many “souls” rather than telling the story from one person’s perspective. While this was certainly part of the book’s charm, I also felt at times this turned the story into more of a stage play, with little asides and micro-scenes set apart from the rest of the narrative. While many of these moments were some of my favorite and extremely emotionally charged, I couldn’t help from wondering what the rest of this large crowd was doing while some of these played out. A few of these scenes, in particular, I couldn’t imagine people just sitting by and casually observing.

Like some of the best fiction, this novel isn’t about the answers, it’s about the questions, and from it’s quick opening to it’s powerful conclusion, there are plenty of questions to be discovered for believers or non-believers alike.

Much thanks to the author who kindly offered a free copy of the audible version of his book, this in no way influenced my thoughts or review.

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