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Book Review: “Eat The Night” by Tim Waggoner


Waggoner weaves some pretty hefty ideas into this little novella. Not all of them worked, but the underlying structure could hold up a tent that encompasses much more than just this story. The mythology of Entropy and this vast Darkness is quite enthralling, and it’s this part of the story that definitely keeps you wanting to learn more.

The novel is split between two storylines that eventually intertwine, and while I loved Kevin’s story as a Maintenance worker, I had a more difficult time connecting with Joan. I felt her and Jon’s story were far less interesting and kept waiting for it to flip back over to the other narrative.

As the novel moves to it’s conclusion, there’s a critical aspect that I had a difficult time buying into. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but you can read my full review on Goodreads. Sadly, this undermined a lot of what I had found pretty spectacular up until that point.

Despite a few flaws, this was still a fascinating tale and I’m definitely interested in what Waggoner comes up with next, should he decide to return to this universe.

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