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Book Review: Darknet by Matthew Mather


I’m a sucker for a good fast techno-thriller, and this book definitely delivered. Mather has tapped into an underworld that doesn’t look like it’s coming from the distant future but rather our here and now. Add to this the measured psychopathy traits that were interwoven within the tale — and what couldn’t be a truer psychopath than a computer program built to perpetuate greed and profits — and I was hooked.

That being said, this book is certainly not without it’s flaws. The characters are far from complex and difficult to relate to, and there are more than your average book’s fair share of “Come on!” moments, complete with hand slapping a shaking forehead. But for whatever reason, it’s also one of those novels where it’s easier to let those things go.

An entertaining read that will have you contemplating the future of our global economy and financial markets. Definitely worth checking out.

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