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Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

“Every moment, every breath, contains a choice. But life is imperfect. We make the wrong choices. So we end up living in a state of perpetual regret, and is there anything worse?”

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I’m not going to dive into the plot of this novel, as it’s difficult to discuss without spoiling the fun of it, but Dark Matter is at its heart a Love Story. It’s a story of survival and what one man will do to get back to the ones he loves.

Yeah, it may sound like “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks, but this novel’s concept is a little weightier, sending you on a head-spinning trip down memory lane.

Or is it potential lane?

This is a novel I definitely could have spent more time in, and my only complaint is that we didn’t get to live every reiteration. But that’s everyone’s real complaint in the end, isn’t it? And it seems to sum up the novel pretty well.

What I appreciated the most out of this read, besides the blistered page turning race at 1am in the morning to see it to its conclusion, was that this novel translates over into an introspection of one’s own life. It had me appreciating my own special someones, reminding me of the choices I’ve taken and begging the question of what I wouldn’t give up to keep them and my life in place.

Profound at times and entirely entertaining, this is a read that will stay with you for days.

**I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley. Thanks to the publisher and author. This in no way influenced my opinion**

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