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Book Review: “Creature” by Hunter Shea


But this is no Hallmark sob story. Shea delicately lays the groundwork for horror within the trail our couple follows, preparing us for an ending that delivers the goods most readers of the genre long for. The slow-burn dread and tension are constant, and though the ending goes off like a string of fireworks, its truly the characters that shine the brightest.

I feel like this is the book the author was meant to write, the book he had in him that’s been waiting to come out, one only he would have been able to pen. It’s by far the best thing I’ve read of Shea’s. I’m excited to see where new horizons take his writing and whether this marks a departure from the “Creature” he’s been trying to escape his whole writing career. A remarkable read, and one that will hit the right chords for just about every reader.

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