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Book Review: “Covenant” by Allan Leverone

Allan Leverone’s latest Darkfuse release is the tale of a psychotic serial killer who’s vengeful spirit returns from the grave, haunting a newly wed couple. While not the most original of premises, this is definitely a not-by-the-numbers ghost story, and Leverone cleverly uses the premise to explore a concept much deeper than ghosts.


The heart of this story is all about grief. The depression, anxiety, guilt, and remorse that take place while mourning a loved one. I’ll admit the unexpected departure from action into this character exploration was a bit jarring at first, but it also made this much more than just another ghost story. Using a police investigation into the death of our heroine’s husband, we’re wrapped up in the conflicting emotions and problematic scenario Lindie Cooper is forced to face.

Not to mention the spirit who may or may not have been the cause of her husband’s death in the first place.

A side story with a crooked meth cook, while a bit off the beaten path, was also quite enjoyable, as was the finale as all of these character’s paths aligned. I was hoping for a little more dramatic of an ending, and the psychic character brought in near the end fell a little flat for me. Overall, though, Covenant delivers on its premise, offering a solid addition into “the haunted house” genre that fans of such stories should enjoy.

** My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced review copy of the book. This book will be available for retail sale Jan 31, 2017 **

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