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Book Review: Chasing Solace by Karl Drinkwater

Having already established the dynamic relationship between Opal and Athene in the first book, Drinkwater loses no time diving straight into the action with the sequel. Chasing Solace follows Opal and the AI / ship as they continue their search for Opal's missing sister, leading them to the second lost ship that Athene must board and brave.

Having already covered much of this ground in the first book, Drinkwater wisely takes what the reader might expect and shifts it on its head, upping the stakes while introducing new elements we haven't yet encountered. First off, the lost ship in this book has been taken to the next level, with some serious creep factors that made for a fascinating and eerie setting. This was one of my favorite parts of the original book, and seeing Drinkwater continue to make the setting and lost ship almost a character unto itself continues to add dimensions to this series you don't often find in sci-fi.

Without going into spoilers, my favorite part of this book was the change in relationship between Opal and Athene, with conflict hitting in multiple and unexpected layers. A new character of sorts is introduced, with its own unique arc, which was surprisingly gut-wrenching, but that relationship between Opal and AI is what makes this series so unique.

Aggressive action, elements of horror, and some well earned twists and turns elevate this sequel from what could have been a mid-book slump. And for those hard-core sci-fi lovers, there are plenty of experimental yet scientifically grounded ideas floating throughout this book. Drinkwater's stretching his abilities here but proving he's got the chops to do it. Looking forward to seeing how this series concludes.

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