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Book Review: “Blister” by Jeff Strand

I don’t give out five star reviews lightly. There has to be something special about a book to earn all that gold, to make it onto the shelf of books that can’t be forgotten — not because you don’t want to forget them, but simply because they CAN’T be forgotten.


(See how strong my willpower is folks?!?)

Let me tell you, this is one that deserves the sales and popularity it’s receiving.

Strand has constructed a seemingly simple story, but one with more depth than should ever be allowed in a “horror-comedy.” And don’t let that genre label fool you — this is literary fiction with a dark slant matched with Strand’s talented ear for dialogue and humor. Plenty of surprises that were all organic to the story, but it’s the characters that sweep you along, and with Blister, Strand has created some pretty unforgettable ones.

A novel that was a simple joy to read and experience, for anyone who’s been sitting on the fence with this one, do yourself a favor and pick it up. I can’t imagine ANYONE being disappointed with this one.

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